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  • Join the MoretonCAN campaign to encourage City of Moreton Bay council to declare a climate emergency and take stronger, more urgent action. Contact us here.

  • City of Moreton Bay council has released its Environment & Sustainability Strategy. You can read it here. Tell council what you think of it: email You can read  MoretonCAN's response to the strategy here.

  • Sign our petition to City of Moreton Bay council here.

  • Subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook pages, and share in our conversations.

  • Contact the Mayor and your local Councillor here. Ask them take stronger action to combat the climate crisis and declare a Climate Emergency.

  • Click ​here to download our two-page Cool Neighbourhoods brochure that has lots of ideas for things you can do to make your home and neighbourhood more comfortable and more climate-friendly.

  • Display a Climate Action Now sign on your fence, and stickers on your wheelie bins and car. We'll deliver them to you - just send us an email.

  • Nominate a business or organisation that we can acknowledge as a MoretonCAN supporter, here.

  • Subscribe here to our emailing list to receive our latest campaign news.

  • Come to one of our events, which you can find out about here.

  • Contact us (see below) or send us an email.


  • Move your super to an ethical fund, move your financial accounts to an ethical bank, and divest your shares from fossil fuel companies.

  • Go all-electric and move your electricity account to a 100% sustainable supplier (such as Diamond Energy).

  • Ask us about getting Climate Action Now stickers, signs and T-shirts here.

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of facts about the climate crisis, and powerless to do anything meaningful in response. It sometimes seems easier just to turn a blind eye. 


But to lose hope of change means despairing of our children's future and giving up on all that we love and hold dear. We live in such a beautiful region. There is so much worth fighting for. Action is the antidote to despair!

There are many simple but effective actions you can take at the local level, for your future, your family and your neighbourhood. Many of these changes will, in addition to helping us all beat the climate crisis, make your life more comfortable and/or more affordable.

Find strength in connecting with others in the community, and take part in local actions that can collectively help to bring about the changes that can give the next generation a future they can look forward to.

Contact us

Contact us

We would love to hear from you and are keen to exchange ideas with you about the climate crisis in Moreton Bay. Get in touch with us with your queries, comments or offers of support.

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