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We want City of Moreton Bay council to enact measure s commensurate with a
Climate Emergency

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The MoretonCAN campaign has evolved with support from individuals, groups and businesses to pressure the City of Moreton Bay council to acknowledge we are in a climate emergency and take stronger steps to meet ambitious and crucial climate action goals.

The 2021 City of Moreton Bay council survey, Moreton Says, revealed that the natural beauty of the region is of primary importance to the region's community, with 90% of residents indicating that environmental protection is a highly important role for council, but only 18% indicating satisfaction with council performance.


The community’s clear message to council is that it must do more to preserve the natural beauty and environment of the Moreton Bay region. This must include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and protecting the environment from the effects of climate change.

Moreton Climate Action Now (MoretonCAN) will encourage City of Moreton Bay council to acknowledge we are in a climate emergency, and to strengthen and initiate commensurate urgent and effective policies and actions that meet ambitious goals that are crucial to tackling the climate crisis.

A Climate Emergency Declaration (CED) is a critical element in responding locally to the climate crisis. It would align City of Moreton Bay with the Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils, which declared a climate emergency in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

The principal actions MoretonCAN wants City of Moreton Bay council to take are:

  1. Declare a climate emergency, joining more than 100 other jurisdictions across Australia that have already done this, to stimulate strong climate action.

  2. Set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved by 2030.

  3. Directly engage the community in planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet this target.

The declaration of a climate emergency by the City of Moreton Bay council would be a critical element in a local response to the climate crisis, and bring it in line with Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils. While the City of Moreton Bay council has joined the Cities Power Partnership as part of a review of its position on climate change, this is not enough, and our local government must be far more ambitious in reducing GHG emissions if our community is to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Why have we chosen 2030 as the target year for net zero GHG emissions? In 2032, Moreton Bay will be hosting some of the events for the Brisbane Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee and Queensland Government have declared that these games will effect a net reduction in greenhouse gases. So it's important that MBRC be ready to meet the challenge by the time the Games begin.

6 reasons why City of Moreton Bay should acknowledge the Climate Emergency

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