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We are ...

... a group of people with diverse interests, and residents of urban or rural parts of the Moreton Bay region. But we have at least two things in common: we are all extremely concerned that our governments at all levels are not doing enough to meet critical climate targets; and we are convinced that we can persuade City of Moreton Bay council to acknowledge we are in a climate emergency and spur them to  accelerate policies and actions to meet the challenge of doing what must be done this decade and beyond.

The Moreton Climate Action Now campaign receives support from the Queensland Conservation Council. It is not affiliated with any political party.

Our supporters

MoretonCAN’s campaign network includes individual supporters, environment advocates and other groups, all demanding Climate Action Now.


We are rapidly finding support from more individuals, and networking with other organisations in our local region, as we grow this crucial campaign.


We recognise the perils, but also the wonderful opportunities, that the climate crisis is forcing us to act on. We believe our children and grandchildren should be able to inherit a better world than the current climate trend is leading us towards.

We need you to help us to push our local Councillors into immediate and essential action.

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